Hangar 18


Lesen Sie im folgenden auf eigene Gefahr und wenn man die Wahrheit gefunden, halten Sie es für sich.

The line above translated from German to English are:


Read the following at your own risk and once you found out the truth, keep it to yourself.


Make sure you are not doing anything because I need 10 to 15 minutes of your time to fully understand what is going on. Ready?

Listen to the following 2 songs (At least for 3 minutes):
Hangar 18, Area 51 by Yngwie Malmsteen

Hangar 18 by Megadeth

From the title of this post and the song you probably get it that I am going to talk about Hangar 18.

“What happens when a UFO crashes? Some experts claim that the UFO wreckage and even the pilots are transported to a top-secret facility in Dayton, Ohio called Hangar 18 located on Wright Patterson Air Force Base.” – Source by http://www.alldocumentaries.org/hangar-18-the-ufo-warehouse/

“Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is known to UFO researchers as a repository for crashed alien craft and foreign technology. For over half a century incredible stories of supposed downed UFOs, alien bodies, and underground cryogenic laboratories have been disclosed from the staff and government personnel who witnessed and even took part in recovery efforts. The Roswell crash, Aztec, NM and many more famous UFO crashes have all been linked to the top secret Hangar 18.” – Source by http://conspiracyrealitytv.com/hangar-18-ufo-warehouse/

“When the first reports of a crashed alien craft reached the general public, many felt that the long awaited proof of extraterrestrial intelligence had come. The news spread world wide when the Air Force announced that they had a flying saucer in their possession. But hopes were soon dashed, as a second news flash proclaimed that it was nothing more than a weather balloon. The general public felt differently then-they believed anything they were told by officials of our government. This innocent obedience would not work a second time.

During the first week of July, 1947 sheep rancher William W. “Mac” Brazel was home for the night and listening to a roaring thunderstorm. The next morning, riding into an open field, he and a seven-year old neighbour boy noticed a large area filled with some type of debris or wreckage of shiny, metallic material.

Brazel collected some of the unknown debris, and showed it George Wilcox, of the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office which talked to Major Jesse A. Marcel, and explained the situation of the discovery of the material at the Foster ranch.

Soon, rumors were running rampant at the base, and word was beginning to filter into Roswell about dead alien bodies. Although the military had secured the site of the crash, and supposedly removed every bit of debris, there is never 100% silent obedience for an event this dramatic.

Although the theories about Roswell are composed of many conflicting accounts, some facts are clear. Something important crashed near Corona-important enough that witnesses were threatened if they revealed what they saw. There are too many witnesses who claim to have seen the alien bodies.

Numerous times, the Air Force has been adamant that there is nothing to the crash, but too many times witnesses have come forward with first hand knowledge of a crashed UFO, dead alien bodies, and a military cover-up.” – Source by http://ufos.about.com/od/bestufocrashcases/p/roswell.htm

3 thoughts on “Hangar 18

  1. I think at discussions about aliens are interesting. I actually used to hang around thealien section of the library alot Hahaha. I haven’t really taken an interest in it ever since those days. But I think I’ve heard of this Hangar 18 before. I think that if there really are aliens, the world wouldn’t really know how to handle it. And I saw on tumblr the other day that an astronaut has claimed we’ve been contacted by aliens at least 7 times. What the general public would immediately think is that the guy is crazy. Because saying something unconventional makes you that way.

    I Personally dont know what to believe, but in the past i read so many books on this stuff that I actually kind of believed it. I’ve read that aliens have come to try to get us to take good care of our earth because its in danger ( which ,if false, is a pretty weird angle for environmentalists). And that when asked what space is like , replied its like a mind.

    Lol. So what do you think? Is there life out there? Would they find us and try to communicate? Hahaha.

    Anyway nice post. Looks good :-)

  2. I believe that aliens, or extra-terrestial beings, do exist but not in the form as how they are being describe, ie big eyes and head, 4 fingers, etc. There are a lot of things that is not being discovered yet like the galaxies and what is deep down in the ocean. I read from one of the websites that the galaxies is so huge thus earth cannot be the only place where it is inhabitant. Recently, scientist found out that Mars contain water. It may be a barren wasteland but who knows out there, there is oxygen and water on another planet that allow some beings to stay alive.

    I think that some life out there try to communicate with us but we don’t have the technology to decipher what they are saying. But will they come over and attack us so that they can get our planet? Perhaps! Because humans are trying to find ways to stay on other planet. If we are doing it, so are they.

    Anyway, what do you mean by the astronaut has claimed we’ve been contacted by aliens?

    • inhabitant is a noun. its a person. what you wanted to say was inhabited. which means to inhabit. or to make their home/stay.

      oh i saw on tumblr on like those fact tumblr sites (did you kno-.tumblr.com i think) that this one astronaut said we have been contacted by aliens already,and its been around 7 times.

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